M1100 Луминисцентен кислороден сензор in-line 0-2000ppb с 12 мм PG-13.5 фитинги

Продукт №: M1100-S10
Доставка до 2 седмици

Луминисцентният сензор за разтворен кислород M1100 ви позволява да контролирате кислорода в бирата.

Sensor for the determination of dissolved oxygen (DO) in beer and de-aerated water.
This sensor has an unbeatable precision of 0.8ppb and a limit of detection of 0.6ppb. Such accurate measurement readings are essential to control low oxygen levels in beer.
The absence of membrane and electrolyte means that the sensor accuracy is unaffected by process changes or pressure shocks. Maintenance and operating costs are also reduced. The sensor has been designed to ensure mechanical robustness and resistance to CIP processes to extend operational lifetime and optimise its total cost of ownership.
The quick response time comes from a two second measurement frequency. Capable of measuring accurately at this frequency over a 12 month period.

  • Минимално отклонение и ежегодно калибриране
  • Много точни ppb измервания на кислород
  • Здрава оптична технология без мембрана или електролит
  • Ниски разходи за по-висок пакет