TIM585, NB Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator, biburette motor positions w/out burette stand (Radiometer Analytical)


TIM585, NB Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator, biburette motor positions w/out burette stand (Radiometer Analytical)
Продукт №: R41T042


Intelligent KF cell design ensures quick sample injection

Electrodes and tubing slot secure in place with one easy movement thanks to our unique bayonet concept. For convenient installation and maintenance, the mono-block titrating burette is mounted in no time.

One-touch selections and preprogrammed functions make titrations easy to run

Titration Manager prompts you with clear-text messages in a choice of languages, making it so much easier when you’re doing routine work. The titration curve is easy to follow live on the large graphic display together with electrode and titrant status.

Intuitive interface guides you at every step

Interface gives instant access to routine functions, making it by far the simplest titrator of its generation. Preset routines guide you when running analyses, repeating measurements and performing maintenance. Titrator allows you to automatically sequence and repeat measurements – ideal for direct measurement followed by a titration. Predefined electrode and reagent libraries mean you save time and effort setting up your application.

Water content determination is fast and reliable, whether you are working with solids or liquids

Integrated titrating burettes offer the highest resolution on the market giving unbeatable accuracy for your potentiometric titrations. Innovative electronic design supporting effective PID regulation loop algorithms combined with incremental or dynamic continuous titrant addition modes allow you to reach end points or to determine inflection points even more quickly. Whether you are working with sharp or weak curves or running single or multiple IP, detection is fast and reliable.

Assistant function and extensive data storage give complete confidence in your results

On the Titrator, all interfaces are standard so you can add to your system as you wish. Increase your sample throughput from 10 to 126 samples using one of our sample changers. Add up to 4 additional burettes and 4 electrode inputs thanks to the versatile ABU52 dual burette system. Simplify data entry by connecting a standard PC keyboard and a bar code reader. Obtain virtually unlimited storage capacity for your results with TitraMaster 85 PC Software.


Burette Max Permissible Errors: Random and Systematic (Master): ±
Compliance certifications: CE marking
cETLus certification
ID на проба: Up to 16 characters, alphanumeric
IP клас на корпуса: Fully splashproof chemical resistant lathene
mV, резолюция: 0.1 mV
PC data transfer software : Serial RS232, TitraMaster 85
Polarised electrode input: -1 - +1 mA in 1 µA step, DC or AC
Printer: Serial RS232
Pump for cell solvent handling: Solvent addition & cell emptying
QC управление на проби: with acceptation limits
Result ID: Up to 16 characters, alphanumeric
Support intelligent burette stand: RFID Tag, reagent data content: Name, date of first use, last calibration, expiry date.
TTL вход / изход: 1 Input/2 Ouputs 0-5V & 0-12V
Автоматично добавяне на реактив: 1 prior titration starts
Баланс: Serial RS232, Direct & double weighing technique supported
Бюрета: налични обеми: 1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml & 50 ml
Бюрета: резолюция на двигателя: 18000 стъпки
Бюрета: тип стойка / кран: Fixed
Вградени блокове за титруване / дозиране: 2 embedded burette motors
Вид: Карл Фишер
Вход за аналогови електроди (висок импеданс): 1
Вътрешен метод, капацитет на съхранение: 50
Вътрешен резултат, капацитет на съхранение: Last 200 FIFO management
Вътрешно калибриране, капацитет на съхранение: Last 100 FIFO management
Дефинирани от потребителя изчисления на резултатите за пробите: 2 per analysis with acceptation criteria
Дисплей, тип: Graphic 128x128 dot LCD protected from spillages with TPX cover
Дължина: 450 mm
Езици: English, German, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
Защита на паролата: Up to 10 characters, alphanumeric
Идентификатор на потребителя: Up to 16 characters, alphanumeric
Изисквания към захранването (Hz): 47.5 - 63 Hz
Изисквания към захранването (напрежение): 115/220 V AC
Интервал на калибриране: from 1 to 999 days
Интерфейс: Rubber soft touch alphanumeric keypad.
Калибриране на разтвора за титруване: with acceptance criteria
Метод, идентификатор: Up to 16 characters, alphanumeric
Непрекъснато динамично добавяне на разтвор за титруване: Addition speed from 0.01 to 50 mL/min
Обемно титруване Карл Фишер: with cell conditioning & stand by mode
Околна среда, условия: относителна влажност: 20 - 80 %
Околна среда, условия: температура: 5 - 40 °C
Постоянна памет: Battery saved
Потребит. програми: 6 Preprogrammed
Приети обеми на лабораторната чаша: 35 to 150 mL Clear or brown glass beaker, standard or thermostated
Проба, комин на механизъм за смяна: up to 126 samples
Проба, механизъм за смяна: Serial RS232, with SAC850 & SAC950
Проба, резултати: up to 4 results per analysis with acceptation criteria
Скорост на разбъркване: 0 to 1100 rpm in 50 rpm steps
Специфична технология: KF
Стойка на пробовземател: Embedded with magnetic stirring
Тегло: 5 kg excluding reagent bottles
Температура, резолюция: 0,1 °C
Титруване в крайна точка: 1 EP - Karl Fischer End Point